Camp Ocean + Dr. Seuss Bookville for Carnival 2.0

Bringing storybooks to life with the fleetwide implementation of Carnival Cruise Line’s Dr. Seuss partnership.

Carnival Cruise Line’s Camp Ocean space is designed to host educational and engaging activities for kids of all ages. When we were asked to upgrade the Camp Ocean space across all Carnival Cruise Line ships, as well as help bring their Dr. Seuss partnership to life through Dr. Seuss Bookville, we knew the project would be just as fun as the area itself.

Space designed by Launch By Design Inc.

This project involved the creation of signage and bulkhead graphics for Camp Ocean and signage for Dr. Seuss Bookville. In addition, we used our own material for the bulkhead graphics. Tested to IMO 2010 FTP code, this ensured the space met all standards for flammability on bulkhead, ceiling and deck finish materials—an immensely important safety measure. Installation occurred across all of Carnival Cruise Line’s vessels, both in service and in drydock.