About Us Born on the Water

Our passion for the maritime industry has deep roots. Our founders are licensed USCG marine engineers, beginning their careers sailing as officers on research vessels, oil tankers and fiber optic cable laying ships.

In Bourne Group’s early days, our focus was manufacturing maritime safety signs and various safety products, but as our relationships with clients grew, they asked us to help them with more, with larger projects that went beyond signage. Our answer was—and always will be—yes.

That sense of possibility and responsibility inherent in our work has always driven us to go beyond the traditional notions—of manufacturing, of design, service, and even our own abilities—and say yes. Yes to challenges. Yes to clients. Yes to new experiences and perspectives. Yes to imagination, exploration, and critical deliberation. And always, yes to one another.

From hotel signage, safety signage, bulkhead graphics to design, product development, furnishings and interior decor—from dry dock to new builds in the U.S. and around the world, our dedicated designers, fabricators, engineers, installers, project managers, and customer liaisons take projects from a rough concept to perfect execution.

Because we understand that we’re doing something beyond building environments for our clients—we’re serving their most critical needs, crafting experiences, connecting people, inspiring action—saying yes to the adventure of our industry.

Certifications & Affiliations

The Team That Makes It Happen

Our talented team of designers, fabricators, engineers, installers, artisans, project managers, and customer liaisons come from all walks of life—from South Carolina designers to installation experts—and service clients, markets, and vessels with excellence around the world. Whether we’re operating out of our 35,000 square foot manufacturing headquarters in the US, our European office in the Netherlands, or through manufacturing partners in eastern Europe and Asia, we love the challenge of staying on the cutting-edge of a constantly evolving, dynamic, high-stakes industry—and coming through for clients when it matters most.