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Saying yes to the adventure in the waters ahead

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Experiential Installation for Kiawah Island 2021 PGA Championship

Our friends at Freshfields Village in beautiful Kiawah Island, SC contacted us about creating a dynamic selfie wall installation for their 2021 PGA Tour party. Our design team drew inspiration from the Ocean Course greens and incorporated design elements and colors from Freshfields Villages branding – with a few necessary golf puns for fun! From […]

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Employee Spotlight: Tim Smith

What’s your sign? Cancer/Moon Children…turns out I’m on the cusp, but I’m not sure what that means. How long have you been with Bourne Group? April 2012 What do you do at our company? I am one of two Directors of Installations. I primarily work on-site construction management. At the shop I assemble all tools […]

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Ready to Sail Safely

Who would have ever thought a year would pass with no cruise ships operating in the waters? Luckily, this resilient industry is inching closer and closer to a comeback and Bourne Group has kept busy in anticipation of this momentous day. We’ve worked with several cruise lines to create and produce essential signage that not […]

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Embracing a Change

Take a look inside the inner-workings of Bourne Group’s US based headquarters in Charleston, SC.

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A Backyard Gem

It’s not often that we get to install a job in our own backyard, but this past November, our Bourne team was able to board the Norwegian Gem in Detyens Shipyard to complete the new smoke stack and vessel marquee.

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Pushing the Boundaries of Protection

Historically, the designer in me would grapple with an over-abundance of notices, floor decals, placards, stanchions, signage and barriers (as helpful and necessary as they may be). But, the truth of the matter is that they are all necessary in this post-COVID world (that and the fact that yes, I work in the signage industry).

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