A Backyard Gem

It’s not often that we get to install a job in our own backyard, but this past November, our Bourne team was able to board the Norwegian Gem in Detyens Shipyard to complete the new smoke stack and vessel marquee.

Photo courtesy of Detyens Shipyard

These large format channel letters (53” high) are formed from corrosive resistant aluminum that is powdercoated white. The channel letters are affixed with a translucent white acrylic face and secured into place to hold-up against the high winds. This level of installation requires a good bit of coordination with the shipboard team and shipyards as scaffolding is required to reach these hard-to-get-to areas of the vessel. Its’s a good thing our install team isn’t afraid of heights!

In addition to scaffolding and safety training, the installation consisted of re-painting and salvaging existing fiberglass light box structures to secure the new, more energy efficient branding to the vessel.

BEFORE: Back-lit fiberglass sign boxes illuminated by florescent tube bulbs

Although our friends and crew onboard were not able to disembark (due to COVID safety guidelines) we do hope they were able to feel a bit of our southern hosipitality. The Gem departed wet dock from Detyens on at the end of 2020 and, as of Jan. 26, is tied up at Port of Miami.